Guy Royle

Guy Royle Guy Royle is renowned for his big bold contemporary jewellery, using beaten and etched silver and 18ct yellow gold set with semi precious stones. His work is exquisitely crafted, and carries echoes of adornments made by primitive man. Guy was born in 1954 in Devon and had no formal training but became the assistant of Breon O'Casey in the 1980's working in weaving, jewellery and latterly sculpture. Guy has since primarily worked as a jeweler with interests in printmaking and sculpture. Using the simplest of tools and methods Guy Royle works mainly with sheet silver and gold which he cuts, bends and forms, while being aware of the natural characteristics of the material. To compliment this metal work he also uses found pebbles and semi-precious stones which he grinds and shapes into beads. This effect gives his pieces a real significance and mystery - the wearer can never define why Guy Royle pieces are so wearable. He finds that jewellery can mingle many boundaries without being obvious. A brooch can be like a painting, a bangle or necklace can be sculptural, while an earring can be just purely decorative. Each piece is unique and hope fully finds a timeless quality.
Guy has been a favorite maker with the gallery for many years.

Blue Agate & 18ct Gold Necklace 52cms

Ref. 14825