Upcoming Exhibition
10th September – 7th October


Neil Canning

PAINTINGS | ‘Future Horizons’

Jack Doherty

CERAMICS | ‘Vessels for Light and Shadow’




Neil Canning – ‘Future Horizons’



This new collection of paintings follows the artists exploration of the natural world. More specifically the ancient landscape and dramatic coastline of West Cornwall which have inspired most of his work for the past 25 years. Each piece responds to the textures, dynamics and light of the observed world but they are brought into being through intuitive abstraction.

This new work was completed during the last two years, when the positive act of creating became even more vital. It was a time of reflection and in many ways this period definitely gave the work a fresh impetus, a renewed energy. This is evident in the complex paint application, incorporating broadly brushed forms, urgently drawn line and intense colour accents.Although there is a definite feeling of land, sea and air in these paintings they also relate to the way we hold memories of place. Much of what we think of as landscape is held in our minds.




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Jack Doherty – ‘Vessels for Light and Shadow’



“My work is concerned with function but not necessarily utility. I am intrigued and inspired by the potency of archetypal vessel forms. Anonymous and uncomplicated pots from pre-history used for storing, cooking and keeping people safe through winters and giving protection in the everyday world can also function in other ways. I see them as figurative objects. As guardians of emotion and connectors with the spiritual, I want my work to inhabit our domestic spaces in the light and shadow with qualities that neither painting or abstract sculpture can.

I use one clay, one colouring mineral and a single firing with soda. Over the years the techniques have become simpler but more refined, in the belief that stripping away what is unnecessary can produce work with complexity and depth. I enjoy porcelain for its extraordinary white and luminous quality. My palette of colour is achieved through the versatility of copper. The kiln is a vital creative element in my making process. The long firing alternates between oxidisation and reduction atmospheres, the surface texture is produced by blasting the forms with a sodium solution at high temperature.”

Jack Doherty – August 2022



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St Ives Modern and Contemporary

Exhibition | 10th September – 24th September


St Ives Modern and Contemporary exhibition includes a collection by artists living and working in St Ives from the 1920s.

These artists include Alixe Jean Shearer Armstrong, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Sandra Blow, Lucie Bray, Ilker Cinarel, John Charles Clark, Stephen Clutterbuck, Steve Dove, Anthony Frost, Luke Frost, Liz Hough, Andrew Lanyon, Matthew Lanyon, Bernard Leach, Padraig MacMiadhachain, Paul Mount, Breon O’Casey, Tony O’Malley, Bryan Pearce, Jonathan Michael Ray, Roy Ray and Roy Walker.

Many of them take inspiration from the landscape through a diverse range of media including painting, print-making, sculpture and drawing.


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