Tony O'Malley

Tony O'Malley Tony O'Malley, born September 25th 1913, was a self-taught Irish painter. Although painting for pleasure throughout much of his young life, it was after a battle with tuberculosis in the 1940's that caused Tony to turn his full attention to art whilst in recovery. He first exhibited his work in 1951, and it was a trip to St. Ives in 1955 where he met and worked with Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron and Bryan Wynter. Prompted by a mixture of frustration at the indifference shown in Ireland to his work, an attraction to the sense of freedom he felt among the artists in Cornwall, he settled in St Ives in 1960. While he was strongly influenced by the St Ives artistic community, his relationship was one of engagement rather than direct participation. The sombre palette of his work produced in the second half of the 1960s is attributed to the memory of Peter Lanyon, who died in 1964. In 1973 Tony O'Malley married Jane O'Malley, and through the mid-seventies spent time in the Bahamas. During this period, his paintings became extremely colourful and vibrant. In 1990 he and his wife moved back to Ireland, where he died in 2003.

Bernard (Leach) 5/1/72
10 x 7 ins
Ref. 12621