Chloe Holt
Chloe Holt RCA FRSA - Where the Sea Meets the Land
25th May to 22nd June 2019


Chloe Holt RCA FRSA - Where the Sea Meets the Land Chloe Holt's recent work is inspired by places that are physically and historically connected with the sea, and this new collection links the history of craftsmanship in St Ives with a previous body of work based around the seafaring culture of Venice.

In particular, these new paintings respond to the history of St Ives' Leach Pottery and its links with the work of Japanese ceramicist Shoji Hamada. Set in antique frames, these works focus on both functional and ritualistic ceramic vessels, exploring connections to our past histories through ideas of craftsmanship, and embracing the Japanese ethos of spirituality and the intimacy of everyday objects.

Using muted pigments in their rawest form, her works are heavily textured, making their surfaces at once almost ceramic, and seemingly salt encrusted, as if altered by the timeless action of shifting sands and rolling oceans.

Chloe Holt
98 x 79 cms

The great Frejus earthenware ceramic jar, it's surface encrusted with pale yellow to ocher lichens like the rooftops of St Ives. It emrges into light from the shadows.
"Shoji (not only relating to the art of Shoji Hamada) but meaning "screen".
It is the sliding paper partion screen. In his book on asthetics, in prais of shadows Jun 'Ichiro Tanizaki comments on the role of the Shoji in the interaction of light and shadows and the power of thier tones reflecting on the subtle nuances of life.
The importance of mindfulness and noticing small things.

Antique frame (118 x 99 cm)
Ref: 27901