5th December 2020 - 4th January 2021

A Christmas Wish - Cornelius Jakob Van Dop

This December we mark the 75th birthday of jeweler and Master Craftsman Cornelius ‘Kes’ Jakob Van Dop, with a celebratory exhibition of 75 of his beautiful works. Kes has been a valued friend and exhibiting artist at New Craftsman since the 1970s. Today, he continues to hold a special place at our gallery, creating for us the distinctive, finely crafted works that have delighted collectors for nearly fifty years. His exquisite finger rings, brooches and jewellery boxes are hand crafted using metalsmithing techniques reminiscent of Japanese, Egyptian and Celtic goldsmiths, and are inspired by the natural world, by beautiful landscapes, wild creatures, and childhood memories of night skies, stars and moonlight.

The exhibition is accompanied by a rare collection of paintings by Cornelius Jakob Van Dop, and other works to inspire you for the Christmas season, including still life paintings by Clara Holmes and Will Calver, coastal paintings by Martha Holmes and Sarah Woods, abstract landscapes by Liz Hough and Sally Holman, character scenes by Toni Potter, and silver and gold botanic lockets by Victoria Walker. 

In support of those enduring the pandemic without the safety and comfort of a home or even shelter, a percentage of the proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to Shelter England.

If you would like to make an independent contribution to Shelter England, you can do so by clicking below.