5th December 2020 - 4th January 2021

A Christmas Wish - Will Calver

'I have always sought stillness in my paintings, and this year more than ever I have found comfort and inspiration in the slow progress of the seasons, in the world of nature that surrounds my studio, and in the small things.'

In support of those enduring the pandemic without the safety and comfort of a home or even shelter, a percentage of the proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to Shelter England.

If you would like to make an independent contribution to Shelter England, you can do so by clicking below. 


  • Will Calver Bowl of Nectarines
  • Will Calver Composition with Spanish Water Vase
  • Will Calver Early Cooking Apple
  • Will Calver Enamel Cup
  • Will Calver Gin Bottle and Sloes
  • Will Calver Green Coffee Cup III
  • Will Calver Jug on Blue
  • Will Calver Madame Alfred Carriere
  • Will Calver Painting Mediums
  • Will Calver Peaches and Pewter
  • Will Calver Pear and Spoon
  • Will Calver Quinces
  • Will Calver Three Pebbles
  • Will Calver Three Plums
  • Will Calver Wild Rose