Adam Buick
Adam Buick - New Work including 'The Cornish Series'
12th April to 17th May 2014


Adam Buick - New Work including 'The Cornish Series' Ceramicist Adam Buick, who has shown regularly at New Craftsman since 2010, was one of only five artists selected for the prestigious Jerwood Makers Open in 2013. The pure shapes of Buick's porcelain Moon Jars are inspired by traditional Korean dal-hang-a-ri vessels, and express the artist's passionate interest in direct human experience of the environment. Beautifully crafted and exquisite in their surface detail, each of the works in this new Cornish Series are created from materials sourced in Cornwall, including China Clay from Tresowen and Doble's clay pit St.Agnes, granite dust from Castle-an-Dinas Quarry and metal ore from Porthtowan.

Please re-visit this page on the 12th of April to view the exhibition online.

Adam Buick
Mini Moon Jar, Cornish Series

Ref: 17009