Terence Coventry
Terence Coventry - 3D & 2D Works
14th September to 12th October 2013


Terence Coventry - 3D & 2D Works The sculptural work of Terence Coventry is rooted in a strong figurative tradition, and his distinctive works explore a fundamental relationship with his environment and the familiar forms of his life on the rural Lizard Peninsula.

Trained at the Royal College of Art in the late 1950s, Coventry later trned his back on the art world and spent a quarter of a century farming near Coverack in West Cornwall before returning to sculpture in 1985. Regarded as one of the country's foremost contemporary sculptors, he exhibits regularly at Gallery Pangolin, London and as far away as New York.

Constructed variously in steel, Cor-ten steel and bronze, both the material and subject of Coventry's sculpture are expressive of the agricultural history of both our past and present, and are a reminder of the precious relationship we hold with each other, our fellow creatures and our rural environments.

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Terence Coventry
Woman with Hands Behind Her Head
43 x 29 cms
Forged Steel

Ref: 14372