Chris Keenan
Chris Keenan Ceramics
20th April to 20th May 2012


Chris Keenan Ceramics ' I have always made work for domestic spaces - pots to be used, handled, pots to be looked at. I was taught to throw Limoges porcelain and it remains the only clay with which I have ever worked.
Making pots, for me, has always involved repition: one has never been enough. From my first clumsy and tentative attempts to throw a cylinder with one-pound balls of porcelain, the development and refinement of form through repition has been a rewarding process of enquiry and exploration. I find the rhythm inherent to this creative process intensely satifying.
My desire for consistency, achieved through careful and considered observation, exists simultaneously alongside the need to re-examine and alter - it is a continuous dialogue.'

Chris Keenan, March 2012

Chris Keenan
Tenmoku Jug with Rusty Spots
22 (H) cms

Ref: 11277