Forest + Found receive Jerwood Foundation nomination

A total of over £100,000 in grants will be distributed as part of the Foundation’s 2019 visual arts development and exhibition programme, and each artist will receive dedicated specialist support in the form of mentoring, advocacy and funding as they prepare for the exhibition.

Max and Abigail set up Forest + Found in 2015 as a space for material research and cross disciplinary collaboration. Driven by a need to create work that explores dialogues between sculpture, painting and craft, their studio gives them a space for material experimentation, as well as a platform to explore their individual art practices.

Their fellow 2019 Jerwood Foundation recipients include Silvia Rosi, Theo Simpson, Kitty Clark, Sofia Mitsola, Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom, Mark Corfield-Moore, Lucie Gledhill, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Tana West, Webb-Ellis and Richard Whitby.

See Forest + Found at New Craftsman as part of our 2019 September Festival exhibition, from 14 to 28 September.