14th October 2023 - 10th November 2023

Rebecca Polyblank | The Story of This Place

Living close to the ancient landscape of Bodmin Moor draws artist Rebecca Polyblank to its timeless quality. Her work reflects the notion of flora and fauna remaining unchanged through history, and is inspired by the visual representations typical of centuries past.

“Our small farmstead is positioned on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Enclosed by old trees and hedges are the house and its collection of old stone barns, which have a close view of the moorland hills, over a river and beyond. Everything is on a human scale, worked by generations of moorland farmers and hardly changing over the years. 

As one of the ringers of church bells in the nearby village, I always feel that sense of time when standing in the footprint of so many before me, in a tower built of moorland stone, ringing the changes on ancient bells. There is such a magical feeling of time and of timelessness about things here, that it cannot help being a constant influence on my work in the studio.  As with the passage of time, my work doesn't change radically, but evolves at its own pace: the characters in my sculptures and paintings are familiar ones, the hares and black rabbits are like fables that recur again and again in my work, and the patina of paint on both my sculptures and my paintings reflect the patina of time on Bodmin Moor’s ancient stones and trees, eroded by weather and patterned with lichen. 

The work in this exhibition is a continuation of my own narrative, which tells the story of this place, of its wild flora and fauna, the moor ponies and the deer running through the season's colours, the music of the song birds, and the magical calling of the cuckoo in spring”. 

Rebecca Polyblank, 2023

Please join us for the Private View on Saturday 14th October 2pm - 4pm