6th July 2019 - 27th July 2019

Jin Eui Kim - An Exhibition of works including the Development of Tonal Clays and Techniques towards new Artworks 2019

My new project funded by Art Council of Wales was launched in May 2018 to develop new techniques to create artworks which have the potential to influence the viewer's perception in three-dimensional and two-dimensional artworks. My works had been used wheel-throwing with the eighteen different tones of grey engobes applied by brushing onto the surface. Both techniques created well the particular visual aesthetic of perfect symmetry and precise tonal bands, whilst at same time influencing the eye creating illusions and optical effects. I had spent many years perfecting these techniques and I thought I got reached a point where I had fully explored and exploited the possibilities within these processes. I had been thinking of the new ideas for a long. The initial ideas arose from the restrictions of current works was to make tonal clays that could be used to create artwork with different techniques. Countless experiments have been meticulously undertaken to create new clay bodies with strength and appropriate variation of tones. Black stains were added to create smooth tonal gradation and adjusted the shrinkage as similar as possible all the way from the lightest to the darkest tone to prevent cracking at the join. Lots of firing tests have been done to find the right temperature which can the clay body vitreous and make stronger as well as acquiring the good tonal gradation. 

Two-dimensional work has also been explored by using the tonal clays. I made some examples of modules with particular pattern. The modules can be juxtaposed together to potential experiment with creating larger scale architectural artworks in the future and the larger work will enable me to influence the viewers perception of forms in a much more dynamic and impactful way. 

This exhibition will exhibit the new works as the result of the project. This is the end of the project but beginning of the new work