1st July 2023 - 28th July 2023

Jin Eui Kim - 2023 Ceramic Collection

Korean born ceramicist Jin Eui Kim explores illusory optical effects in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks. His research into illusions, visual perception, and the power and spectacle of OP Art is at the heart of his work. In particular, his practice explores the relationship between an object and its background, and the ways in which the perception of three-dimensional forms can be emphasized and manipulated through the application of tonal bands of colour. 

“Over the past two years, my artistic journey has been filled with numerous milestones and remarkable growth since my previous New Craftsman exhibition in 2021. In May of this year, I had the privilege of conducting a workshop at the prestigious V&A, where I received invaluable feedback and insights that have deeply influenced my artistic development.

Throughout my creative journey, my works have undergone captivating developments. One notable piece is OPerspective-Wall No.1, which consists of 121 intricate units. When viewed from the front, the sides of each unit are hidden, creating a flat appearance. This blurs the line between 2D and 3D, while the gradual darkening of tones towards the edges adds a sense of curvature. Although the lines on the units aren't physically connected, our minds perceive them as circular shapes. Depending on the viewer's perspective and the lighting, various captivating visual effects come to life.

In my OPjects and OPots series, I introduced soft yellow tones to evoke a gentle feeling, instead of strong contrasts. In the OPverse series, I stack clay rings horizontally to create visual effects. However, my recent works take a different approach: by cutting and reassembling stacked cylinders in different ways, I add vertical lines, resulting in diverse visual effects that play with figure-ground and grouping effects, based on the arrangements of these parts.

The OPverse-proportion series, which I started in 2022, explores the illusion of different diameters within tonal blocks. I shape cylinders on a potter's wheel, cut them diagonally, and attach parts with different tones. Building on this technique, I created a new piece called OPverse - Geometrical Balance. Here, I cut and assemble wheel-thrown cylindrical forms diagonally and vertically, creating new cylinders. By arranging various rectangular shapes and tones, I aim to achieve a sense of balance. As viewers change their viewing angles, the position of the shapes and the overall equilibrium shifts, creating a captivating interplay. This series makes its debut in this exhibition and represents my ongoing exploration and growth.

I invite you to immerse yourself in this exhibition, uncover the secrets within each piece, and join me in celebrating the wonders of artistic expression. May this showcase ignite your curiosity and inspire you on our shared journey of creativity and inspiration”.

Jin Eui Kim, 2023