27th May 2023 - 23rd June 2023

Emily Nixon - Coastally Inspired Jewellery

The jewellery collection Emily has created for this New Craftsman showcase is centred around her latest Pebble and Adakite designs.

Emily explores the irregular and distinctive oval shapes of pebbles collected along the shoreline, finding new ways to represent their natural balancing act and how they fit together in nature. Delightfully askew and distinctive in their tilting, organic formation – each individual setting has its own character, just like the pebbles that inspired it. 

The balance between smaller irregular stones and a central natural sapphire, is a relationship that Emily explores in the Adakite collection. These designs are distinguished by a large, rocky central setting, offset by a stone on either side, characteristically irregular and as if naturally formed. 

Artfully tilted and off-kilter, the light catches these stones in unexpected ways. Each Adakite ring is one of a kind, determined by the unique beauty of the individually sourced, central natural sapphire.

Stones and pebbles are integral to the character of both collections. Acting as tools, their natural and innate texture is embedded into the soft wax starting point of each design. 

For over twenty years, the ocean has been a constant theme; the story of the tideline reflected through texture, colour and form. Simple undulating shapes echo the natural world, miniature impressions of the world below the water. 

Modern heirlooms to wear everyday, and treasure forever.