12th April 2021 - 15th May 2021

Adam Buick - Emergence

Adam Buick’s new Emergence collection considers the sea, in particular the boundary between sea and land, and coastal communities whose mutual experience of the sea is a relationship that stretches back thousands of years. Ideas of shared space, beginnings and endings, dreams and horizons, and of our love and fear of the ocean, are all explored in his distinctive and elegant Moon Jar forms, this time with an emphasis on a palette of subtle whites.

Adam shares his thoughts behind this special collection in a short film.  Please click here to view.....

“This body of work is a contemplation on the sea and the liminality of the land-sea boundary. It is about how the shoreline is experienced as uncommon ground held in common, about shared spaces and coming together, about community and human interaction within nature and the landscape around us. Coastal communities and their mutual experience of the sea is a relationship that stretches back through millennia to the ancient neolithic monuments of the western seaboard of Europe and beyond. A relationship that embraces the familiar and the unknown, the joy and the fear that the ocean brings. The light, the changes, the beginnings and the endings.

The beach and the sea altered my experiences of the past year; it soothed and gave opportunity. I wanted to make work that is about space, space to contemplate but also connect. To connect with shared experiences, memories and the fun of a free expanse without ownership. A place of transition where you can change elements - from air to water. Where you can see and feel the landscape and share the experience. A place that you can let your imagination, thoughts and dreams drift to the horizon or into the depths. A place or piece to immerse yourself into and emerge replete.”  AB February 2021