10th September 2022 - 7th October 2022

Neil Canning 2022 | Future Horizons

This new collection of paintings follows the artists exploration of the natural world. More specifically the ancient landscape and dramatic coastline of West Cornwall which have inspired most of his work for the past 25 years. Each piece responds to the textures, dynamics and light of the observed world but they are brought into being through intuitive abstraction.

This new work was completed during the last two years, when the positive act of creating became even more vital. It was a time of reflection and in many ways this period definitely gave the work a fresh impetus, a renewed energy. This is evident in the complex paint application, incorporating broadly brushed forms, urgently drawn line and intense colour accents.

Although there is a definite feeling of land, sea and air in these paintings they also relate to the way we hold memories of place. Much of what we think of as landscape is held in our minds.