Fragile Field | Ceramics by Hilary Mayo
Where the Sea Meets the Land | Paintings by Chloe Holt

25 May to 22 June

Hilary Mayo returns with a collection of work that continues her exploration of the spectacular Icelandic landscape. Fragile Field makes reference to the negative effects of our current geological era, in which human activity is profoundly reshaping our planet, as evidenced in Iceland’s receding glaciers and the impact of tourism on the country’s ecology.

Accompanying this exhibition is a new collection of painting by Chloe Holt entitled Where the Sea Meets the Land. Simplicity is the defining principle in these paintings, which connect new works inspired by St Ives with a previous body of work based around the seafaring culture of Venice.

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Hilary Mayo & Chloe Holt Hilary Mayo & Chloe Holt

2019 Exhibitions

From February, we are pleased to present a selection of 1st edition printer’s proofs by Rose Hilton. Please contact the gallery for access to these works. Our exhibition season opens on 30 March with new work by St Ives artist Emma Jeffryes, and leading British ceramicist Adam Buick. Throughout the year we will also be presenting exhibitions by artists John Piper, Michael Praed, Chloe Holt, Neil Davies, Emma Williams and Breon O’Casey, plus ceramicists Jin Eui Kim, Hilary Mayo, Elspeth Owen and many more. For the 2019 St Ives September Festival we will be exhibiting works by painter Michael Porter, and applied artists Joe Hogan, Stuart Cairns and Forest & Found.

Image below : BREON O’CASEY


Matthew Lanyon at New Craftsman

Matthew Lanyon was one of Cornwall’s most important painters. His passion for the landscape and cultural legacy of Cornwall has resulted in an immeasurable contribution to the art of the region. In association with the artists estate, we are pleased to accept enquiries regarding Matthew’s work. Please contact the gallery for information.

Matthew Lanyon at New Craftsman

New Craftsman [is] one of [St Ives] finest galleries, offering a delightful mix of paintings, pots, jewellery and glass by famous artists and affordable newcomers.

Jonathan Lorie. The Independent, Wednesday 24 June 2015

John Miller

Throughout his career John Miller was closely identified with the New Craftsman gallery. His lifetime partner Michael Truscott kindly allowed this association to continue following John's death in 2002, and we are therefore proud to exhibit remaining works from John’s Cornwall studio. Please see our John Miller page for further information.

John Miller

John Miller

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