Matthew Lanyon | In the Tracks of the Yellow Dog
with sculpture by Breon O’Casey and ceramics by Rebecca Appleby
and Matthew Chambers

10 September to 8 October

On show as part of the 2016 St Ives September Festival, a solo exhibition of new paintings, prints, stained glass and tapestry by Matthew Lanyon. Making reference to one of Rudyard Kipling’s famous Just So stories, told to the artist by his mother long ago. Accompanying this show is a collection of major sculptural works by St Ives artist Breon O’casey, whose prolific career as a sculptor, painter, printmaker had a significant influence on 20th century British art, and an inspiring collection of contemporary ceramics by Rebecca Appleby and Matthew Chambers.

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Neil Davies | Come Rain or Shine with ceramics by Chris Keenan Neil Davies | Come Rain or Shine with ceramics by Chris Keenan Neil Davies | Come Rain or Shine with ceramics by Chris Keenan Neil Davies | Come Rain or Shine with ceramics by Chris Keenan

New Craftsman [is] one of [St Ives] finest galleries, offering a delightful mix of paintings, pots, jewellery and glass by famous artists and affordable newcomers.

Jonathan Lorie. The Independent, Wednesday 24 June 2015

2016 Exhibitions

This year’s programme of exhibitions has so far included painters Emma Jeffryes, Neil Davies, Lucie Bray and Lieke Ritman, Jerwood Makers prize winner Adam Buick and ceramicists Akiko Hirai, Chris Keenan and Rowena Brown amongst others. This autumn we’re bringing together the work of two of Cornwall’s most recognizable artists - painter Shirley Foote and ceramicist Stephanie Cunningham - each known for their highly distinctive stylization of the figurative.

Latest News

This Christmas we present USEFUL | BEAUTIFUL, an exhibition of exquisite contemporary British art and craft, with a collection of multidisciplinary works which emphasise the skill of the maker and the natural beauty of materials.

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Leach Tableware

New Craftsman continues to be the Leach Pottery’s nominated town centre stockist of the new Leach Tableware. Handmade and fired in St Ives, each piece is made with local clay and is designed for function and beauty. Available throughout the year.

Leach Tableware

John Miller

Throughout his career John Miller was closely identified with the New Craftsman gallery. His lifetime partner Michael Truscott kindly allowed this association to continue following John's death in 2002, and we are therefore proud to exhibit remaining works from John’s Cornwall studio. Please see our John Miller page for further information.

John Miller

John Miller

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