9th May 2022 - 20th May 2022

Sarah Woods - Spring Collection

The New Craftsman Spring Collection

"Living and working beside the ocean is intuitive and gentle. This collection is slowly made with simple movements, forming large paintings on linen and canvas from shapes between the water and land.

The natural textures of materials influence each piece with early spring warmth and the milky tones of late light over the water. There’s focus on the process of working by hand, the movement of brushstrokes and simple coastal shapes.

This series of work is intimate from a slower paced time of year with a change in energy and movement along the St Ives coastline. Soft blue shades of sea and sky contrast warm umber visualising subtle tones from the land."

Sarah Woods May 2022

Sarah Woods responds uniquely to the West Cornwall landscape, capturing its tranquil beauty and pure northern light with a rare simplicity. Her paintings reflect the soft colours of sea and sky along the St Ives coastline at its quietest time - the blues of early spring warmth in the air and the shifting, milky tones of evening light across the water. Sarah’s focus is always on the process of painting, on the wide stroke of arm and brush on canvas, which results in beautiful, spacious works defined by simple coastal forms.

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