1st August 2020 - 5th September 2020

Of Place and Time - Martha Holmes - Painter

The exhibition, Of Place and Time, brings together three artists working in distinctly different mediums; Painter, Martha Holmes, Wood Turner Adrian Mitchell and Ceramic Artist, Jack Doherty. The work of all three shows their deep engagement with landscape and a particular sense of place. The changes and effects of passing time is reflected in their individual studio practice.

Martha Holmes paints directly in response to the moment. Absorbed in capturing the shifting light and changing seasons through her abstract sea and skyscapes. Adrian Mitchell sources wood from his local landscape to make his turned vessels. He harnesses the natural beauty that transforms the green material into organic sculptural shapes through time. Jack Doherty’s soda-fired porcelain forms connect people, pots and place inspired by archetypal functional vessels from history.

Martha Holmes – Painter

Artist Statement

I am a painter working both plein air and from my studio in Falmouth. My paintings are a reaction to the coastal environment which has always surrounded me. Process, and the space I work in, has always been important and I am fascinated by the shifting identity of both the north and south coastlines of Cornwall. My work is a reaction to the way a landscape alters throughout the day - the colours, the intensity of light and the changes in weather fronts influence how a painting evolves. Time controls the components to my paintings and encourages me to be present within my work.

My paintings are momentary. It is the passing of time and the visual changes within the landscape that are reflected in the spontaneous energy of my brush strokes. I never plan a painting or have preconceived ideas of how it will form. I simply respond to the visual immersive experience in that moment. They are an elemental reaction of time and place.

(All works are framed)