13th June 2020 - 24th July 2020

Neil Davies - Weathering the Storm

New Craftsman Gallery presents landscape paintings by Neil Davies, exhibited at a moment when nature, now more than ever, has had a crucial role to play in both our physical and mental wellbeing. Work on this collection began last September, when the colours of autumn were glowing on the moors, and a global pandemic was beyond anyone’s imagining. Painting continued throughout winter and into the extraordinary spring of 2020, when thousands of us looked to the great outdoors for our once-daily exercise, and for some relief from life cooped up inside. Neil’s beautiful paintings capture a flash of orange in the rusty bracken, pink and purple heather on a distant carn, waves of bleached winter grasses, and the kaleidoscope of colours in an approaching Atlantic storm. “Nature has a way of putting things into perspective” says Neil of his new collection, appropriately titled Weathering the Storm, “of making us forget our anxieties and everyday concerns, for it represents a stability and a sense of perpetuity in these days of chaos and uncertainty.”