11th September 2021 - 25th September 2021

Mindful Objects - Woven Stones

We will be showing a beautiful collection of woven stones by Felicity Hall.

We will  also be co-hosting a workshop where you will make learn the craft of stone weaving.

If you would like to join us please click on the link below to book.

In this workshop you will make your own cane wrapped stone using centuries old Japanese basketry knots. The focus is on using basketry as a mindful practice to instil a sense of calm and balance, joining together to create and connect in a restorative way. You will leave with a beautiful stone of your own to hold and comfort you on your journey. 

Felicity's workshops are interwoven with her work as an artist weaving roots of remembrance of our interrelationship with Earth through the practice of basketry. Felicity is inspired by the wisdom of what stone can teach us about slowing down our minds to bring balance and harmony into our lives, as well as being a teacher of how to exist among all living systems in harmony and balance. 

When: Saturday 25th September, 2pm - 430pm

Where: @holancollective 

Tickets are £60