12th September 2020 - 17th October 2020

Matthew Chambers - Sculptural Ceramics 2020

We are  very pleased to be showing a new collection of ceramic pieces by Matthew Chambers.

Matthew's love of geometry and constructivist art is evident in the structure of his work.  Matthew has managed to overcome many of the challenges this year has brought.  Amazingly he has presented an extensive new collection consisting of 23 pieces in which he has utilised a variety of clays and new techniques for the first time including 'layered' works, where contrasting inward and outward angled sections work together to create pattern and rhythm in the internal space of the pieces.

Matthew is an MA graduate of the Royal College of Art and was

awarded the Ceramic Review Prize at Ceramic Art London in 2006. Since that

time, his complex ceramic structures, constructed on the wheel from individual

layers of clay, have succeeded in pushing the boundaries of contemporary craft,

making him one of the 21st century‚Äôs most unique and collectable


Please click here to flick through the online issuu catalogue...