12th March 2022 - 9th April 2022

Lieke Ritman - Eighty!

We are delighted to be showing a very special collection of works by Lieke Ritman to celebrate her eightieth year!

Lieke Ritman’s career as an artist is one enriched by international study, and a lifelong engagement with the art and artists of St Ives. Lieke, now in her 80th year, was born in the Netherlands. She studied interior design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, and in 1968 she was invited to stay in St Ives by artists Douglas Portway and Betty Holman. Captivated by the beauty and special light of Cornwall, she stayed, setting herself up as a picture framer and working with leading British Modernists such as Patrick Heron, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Bryan Pearce and Kate Nicholson. This exposure to such influential painting and print became an informal education of sorts, inspiring her to her own career as an artist. In the early 1970s Lieke was elected as a Member of the Penwith Society of Arts, and in 1985 she was invited by Mary ‘Boots’ Redgrave to exhibit her work at the New Craftsman. Working from her studio in Penwith, Lieke creates semi-abstracted paintings and prints inspired by her early morning walks along the beautiful beaches and coastal and moorland paths of West Cornwall. Through simple compositions, textural marks and a distinctive, glowing palette, her works express the unique atmosphere of Cornwall’s radiant Atlantic coast, its shifting white sands and shimmering blue ocean. 

  • Lieke Ritman Estuary Mud
  • Lieke Ritman Night Ripple
  • Lieke Ritman Porthkidney Sands
  • Lieke Ritman Porthkidney Sands IV
  • Lieke Ritman Sand Palette
  • Lieke Ritman Sand Patterns
  • Lieke Ritman Shshsh
  • Lieke Ritman When the Tide is Out (Hayle Estuary)
  • Lieke Ritman Blue Pool
  • Lieke Ritman Calm Morning
  • Lieke Ritman Coming in or Going out
  • Lieke Ritman Cross Current
  • Lieke Ritman Fast Flowing Stream
  • Lieke Ritman Going out to Sea
  • Lieke Ritman La Mer
  • Lieke Ritman Off Shore Winds
  • Lieke Ritman Path Through the Moors
  • Lieke Ritman Porthkidney Sands II
  • Lieke Ritman Reeds and Reflections
  • Lieke Ritman Sand and Pebbles
  • Lieke Ritman Sky Reflecting Incoming Tide
  • Lieke Ritman Taking Flight
  • Lieke Ritman Through the Fields to the Sea
  • Lieke Ritman When the Tide is Out