2nd May 2020 - 30th May 2020

HoJung Kim - Shaping the Future

We are pleased to be showing three of The Royal College of Arts' most promising new Ceramics and Glass Masters graduates, alongside work by rising young painter and Falmouth University graduate Will Calver. We have selected them as being amongst the best new talent for 2020 for their exceptional work and uniquely focused practice.

HoJung Kim is an artist from South Korea who explores the relationship between colours and community through material investigation into ceramics. Kim has exhibited within the United Kingdom, and across Europe and Asia. Previous to her Masters at the Royal College of Art, Kim focused on installation and fine art based ceramic works. During her MA, she developed a new material language that expressed her identity and gave her a voice in the form of vessels. Kim has applied a mixture of traditional craft techniques and contemporary methods to create objects which invoke a sense of elegance.

Through the exploration and investigation of materials and production processes, I have developed the - collection. These vessels build a relationship with the space in which they sit and with one another. I aim to make objects that have an awareness of the space which they occupy, through the subtle movement of colours within a variety of forms.
Utilising a combination of traditional and contemporary methods, I developed the surface qualities of these objects; which explore flow and harmony-drift across the spaces.
Ceramics spans all cultures, each with unique habits and traditions. This collection aims to capture something of this diversity through the touch of the maker’s hand, colours and clay.