6th July 2019 - 27th July 2019

Guy Royle - New Work 2019

Guy Royle has exhibited at the New Craftsman Gallery for several decades and is known for creating handcrafted jewellery of exceptional quality. As assistant to artist Breon O'Casey for nearly 30 years, he demonstrates an inherent understanding of both form and material, and his work carries with it the powerful influence of 20th century St Ives art. Blurring the boundaries between jewellery and fine art, Guy's brooches are as perfectly composed as paintings, his bangles and necklaces as striking and substantial as sculpture.
Using gold, silver, bronze, lapis lazuli and a wealth of other beautifully coloured semi-precious stones in their raw state, he works purely by hand and eye, creating one-off works of luxurious detail, weight and beauty. His commitment to traditional skills, the finest materials, and to the instinctive creation of each bead, each clasp, and each unique combination of shapes, patterns and colours, have made him one of the most respected fine-art jewellery makers in the country.