12th April 2021 - 15th May 2021

Emma Jeffryes - Lanes, Hedgerow and Coast Path

Emma’s new collection is inspired by the abundance of natural splendour we witnessed in Cornwall during the spring and early summer of Lockdown #1. As roads were silenced, air traffic ceased and the Cornish weather dazzled, Emma’s attention was taken by the spectacular unfolding of spring in these unusual circumstances. Accordingly, Emma’s paintings take us with her on her daily walks, along lanes and hedgerows overflowing with white hawthorne and yellow gorse, where primroses, snowdrops, bluebells, luscious green foliage and wildflowers merge to create a symphony of colour against a backdrop of clear blue skies and waters. These beautiful paintings celebrate a unique and wondrous moment in nature, one that accompanied the darkest and most difficult months of our recent history.

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