6th August 2022 - 2nd September 2022

Chloé Rosetta Bell Summer 2022 accompanied with work by Celia Dowson

Chloé graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2019. With a special interest in using and transforming organic materials in her work, her objects are a physical record of the agricultural landscape and the livelihoods that depend upon it. This new collection is based on a collaboration between the artist and Maddocks Farm Organics and Tinkture, who are Rose Gin Makers. Chloe has developed ceramic glazes from the David Austin Rose residue produced from distilling Maddocks Farm gin. Her subtly beautiful pieces are entirely functional, whilst the unique aspect of her glaze make space for her works to be viewed as contemplative objects. Chloé has also commissioned artist Celia Dowson to create glass cups and funnels, which echo the light and tonal blends of Maddocks Farm and Tinkture’s Gin and will sit alongside her ceramic pieces. 

Of this collection Chloe says: “I have in mind to celebrate the rose farm and the people who work from it. The deep knowledge of their land and their craft, be it farming or distilling gin, shapes their lives. My glazes and forms are quiet objects that echo their persevering passion”.