5th December 2019 - 4th January 2020

A Christmas Gift

Christmas at New Craftsman

5 DECEMBER 2019 to 4 JANUARY 2020

Please join us for sherry, mince pies and a special preview of our Christmas exhibition on Thursday 5th December 2-4pm.

We celebrate the festive season this December with an exhibition of still life paintings by rising young artist Will Calver, alongside new work by Martha Holmes, Tracy Rees, David Pearce, Sally Holman, Lieke Ritman and Martin Leman.

Will Calver is based in Kent and Cornwall. Combining classical figuration with a freer hand, he works from direct observation and drawings, spending time with each subject in order to discover its unique presence. The result is a collection of beautiful, still life alla prima paintings that explore and express the meaning of everyday objects, turning them into calm icons of domesticity.

“The act of painting becomes meditative, slowing our fast-paced world. Through mindful observation the everyday can be seen in a new light.”  Will Calver