29th June 2024 - 26th July 2024

Maria Kristofersson | Ceramics | Line, Surface & Form

Maria Kristofersson makes three-dimensional hand built objects in clay. Drawing is the basis of all her ceramic work, meaning that line and surface are the common denominators in every piece. Her objects are created slowly by way of a direct and intuitive process. Keeping aesthetic considerations at the forefront of her physical engagement with the material, she finds expression, character and the sense of a story in each piece as it evolves.

Function is rarely a factor in her work, meaning that glazes are irrelevant, though occasionally she is inspired to create interesting contrasts of gloss and matte surface. This new collection is based on bottle forms in a richly earth toned palette of colours.

Maria lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has exhibited in solo exhibitions in Sweden, Norway and Japan, as well as numerous group exhibitions worldwide.