12th September 2020 - 17th October 2020

Judy Buxton - Paintings 2020

Presenting a collection of oil-on-canvas works by award winning

painter Judy Buxton, and new work by prize-winning ceramicist Matthew Chambers.


Judy is a Fine Art graduate of both Falmouth College of Art and

the Royal Academy Schools in London. She lives and works on the Lizard

Peninsula, where she draws inspiration for her landscape paintings from the

area’s unique moorland, coast and river. Other subjects include shimmering,

still life paintings of flowers, and dynamic equine paintings which reflect her

passion for her beloved horses.

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  • Judy Buxton Cove, Passage I
  • Judy Buxton Cove, Passage II
  • Judy Buxton Cove, Passage III
  • Judy Buxton Cove, Serpentine Light
  • Judy Buxton Cove, Serpentine Light II
  • Judy Buxton Cove, Under a Big Sky
  • Judy Buxton Headland Glow
  • Judy Buxton Headland Light
  • Judy Buxton Horses Grazing in Field I
  • Judy Buxton Horses Grazing in Field II
  • Judy Buxton Incoming Storm, Cove
  • Judy Buxton Incoming Tide (Green Glow)
  • Judy Buxton Neck 'n Neck II
  • Judy Buxton Serpentine Cove I
  • Judy Buxton Serpentine Cove II
  • Judy Buxton Summer Hedgerow II
  • Judy Buxton Summer Hedgerow IV
  • Judy Buxton White Camellias I
  • Judy Buxton White Camellias II
  • Judy Buxton Windowsill Objects with Hellebores
  • Judy Buxton Windowsill with Hellebores
  • Judy Buxton Windy Cove