Mark Foreman

Mark Foreman Mark Foreman has been living in St Ives for the last 16 years since leaving London.
Mark Foreman is a senior lecturer on the Illustration BA(Hons) course at University College Falmouth.
Mark works from the studio that sits on the same spot as that of Ben Nicholson... "the veiw has hardly changed.
I am always drawn to urban landscapes. Traditional countryside landscapes do nothing for me but give me a load of Parisian
chimneys, New York rooftops or a grubby pigeon and grafitti infested skyline and I'm happy!
I love discovering the local history of the locations I draw, it brings more depth to the drawings I produce.
Looking down at the harbour with its scattering of small boats I remember the old photos of the great wooden luggers filling St Ives' harbour
and cant' help wish they would suddenly reappear."

St Ives Luggers

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