Derya Erdem

Derya Erdem The subjects I use in my paintings derive from personal, cultural and social experiences, reflecting my interest in the relation between human nature, environment and social conditions. Daily journeys with my camera to new places, discovering or rediscovering events and happenings is my passion and has been an important influence in my work. I take photos of people, urban life, rural landscapes washed beaches, moulded walls, colours and textures. In this case I use the camera like a sketch book, not necessarily considering myself as a photographer.

I am delighted to find objects washed and travelled from miles away on the beach or the colour combinations of piled rubbish on the street but returning to the studio I find no more interest with the formal aspect of the object itself anymore. For me the process of painting functions as a way to create a psychological link between the exterior and inner world. In order to access the unconditioned subconscious mind I start with no formal idea and refuse to sketch. Improvisation allows me to separate the natural actions from the complexity of the ego and be free and loose. Exploring different combinations of materials and different techniques of applications I put many layers upon layer, washing, erasing, scratching until I recognize them like remembering a vague dream. At first with strong contrast of colours the paintings can appear like abstract structures. They can also represent semi figurative abstract and surrealistic style.

Cumulus II
100 x 120 cms
Ref. 15637