Andrew Lanyon

Andrew Lanyon Andrew Lanyon, son of Peter Lanyon, was born in St.Ives in 1947. From 1966 - 1968 he studied at the London School of Film Technique; during this time Andrew co-organised the Durham Surrealist Festival. He spent several years as a Freelance photographer; co-producing an exhibition for Northern Arts entitled The Casual Eye and organizing a major touring exhibition for the Photographer's Gallery, London. In the mid-nineties, Andrew turned his attention back to film, the first of which to be released was Splatt dhe Wertha (Plot for Sale), a Cornish language film directed by Bill Scott which won the Golden Torc award at the 18th Celtic Film Festival in 1997.
Further films include 'Laughing Gas', 'Badly Parked Car' and 'Fairy Questions Answered'.

Norwegian Trawler Wrecked at Lands End
18 x 22 cms
Ref. 13573