Gill Watkiss

Gill Watkiss Gill Watkiss, born in 1938, was tutored at the Walthamstow School of Art and taught by Edward Middleditch of the 'kitchen sink' group of artists. With her late husband, the painter and photographer Reg Watkiss, she came to settle in West Cornwall at the end of the 1950s. From a first lodging at Mousehole, they lived in various locations around the district including Zennor, St Just, and Newlyn. Gill focuses her work on the daily lives of people and places around herself in the villages and lanes of Cornwall; depicting evocative figures against familiar backdrops. Her work is exhibited around West Cornwall, including Rainy Day Gallery and Newlyn Art Gallery amongst others.

Fields near Roche
50 x 76 cms

Ref. 12719