Andrew Waddington

Andrew Waddington Andrew Waddington was born in Buckinghamshire in 1960 and moved with his family to Cornwall in 1971. He studied Foundation Art at Falmouth College of Art (1978-9), later obtaining his degree from Dyfed College of Art. Andrew taught A-level art in Braintree, Essex and worked on Roman and Iron Age archeological sites before moving back to Cornwall in 1983. He established his print studio on a farm near Rose, Cornwall in 1988, but in 1992 the press moved to its present home to the Tamar Valley. Since that time he has exhibited widely and become well know for his paintings and woodcuts often employing a favoured motif, the crow. He also creates sculptures from found objects.

Theatre of Memory
40 x 40 cms
Ref. 12689

Acrylic, Watercolour and Pastel on Paper