Michael Chaikin

Michael Chaikin Michael Chaikin was born in 1957 studied Medicine and was a hospital doctor for a while before falling in love with Sculpture. He completed his medical studies and was a hospital doctor and GP while he started studying at Eastbourne Art College, East Sussex, UK in 1986 (foundation studies) then Falmouth Art College, Cornwall, UK (1987 - 1990) where he obtained a degree in Fine Art.
He taught sculpture at Hawkesbay University, New Zealand and the Joined Red Herring Studios in Brighton as a working sculptor. Exhibited in London, Brighton, Hamburg, Paris with numerous one man shows the last one in Feb 2011 in Dubai, UAE.
Currently he has a 50 ft window display in Covent Garden, London.
He lived and worked in Brighton until 1999 then moved to Falmouth, Cornwall, UK to start his own studio complex in a derelict water mill which he renovated and turned into eight studios keeping the largest for himself.
Michael then went on to work with The Eden Project and a number of Theatre Companies making moving sculptures.
Movement is his great obsession. Most of the things he makes move in some way and it is his life's work to strive to make sculptures that look beautiful when they are still and spectacular when they move.
Michael lives and works in Cornwall, UK with his wife and two daughters.

Small Fish with a line of Gold Spots

Ref. 11484

Copper and Bronze