Jenny Birchall

Jenny Birchall Jenny's witty paintings on wood express her belief in the best things about living in Cornwall - not the abundance of fudge and pasty shops or even the beautiful beaches - but the comedy and incongruity of the diverse selection of people who are brought together here on holiday. People who wouldn't normally come within 100 yards of one another in their day to day lives are suddenly half naked and within feet of each other on the beach.

As I paint my beach scenes suddenly even more bizarre combinations arrive. Cornwall has become populated by rock stars, gay icons, film stars and even the occasional artist. The Beatles have never split up in Cornwall, and where else would you find all the Doctor Whos hanging out together, Michelangelo's David wearing pink pants, Grayson Perry playing beach tennis with Van Gogh and Ghandi dancing with Pamela Anderson?Jenny paints on wood sections which she has joined together to create a mostly flat but sometimes undulating panel. This offers potential for an interesting edge to her landscape. The work is then mounted on hardboard and framed in a simple box frame.

St Ives 20 12

Ref. 10492