Claire Loder
Sculptural Ceramic Heads in a collection entitled Look Sea
1st April to 27th May 2011


Sculptural Ceramic Heads in a collection entitled Look Sea I make heads and faces.
Some people have great faces on the first look; other people`s faces grow on me. Some faces have a particularly interesting composition or outline. Faces are surprisingly different and I like the sensation of change that I get when I look from one face to another. Lived in faces hold more of a fascination for me than the sparsely populated faces of perfection.
There`s no one place that I start, each piece of work is an amalgamation of influences - people I meet, faces in print, previous works, sketches and drawings. Narrative is significant; I collect words, sayings and pieces of conversations, quotes, poetry and the wording of adverts. It all goes into the work, either conspicuously as a title or as an idea when I`m planning the piece.
Some days I have all these things in my head when I sit down to work. Other days I start with no particular intention and just see who or what emerges from the clay.

Claire Loder
Dried Up Sailor II
26 x 19 x 7 cms
Medium Standing Head

Ref: 7244