James and Tilla Waters
James and Tilla Waters - New Work 2018
28th April to 23rd May 2018


James and Tilla Waters - New Work 2018 James and Tilla Waters' partnership combines James's making skills with Tilla's love of colour and design. Their practice is rooted in the production of thrown tableware, using both stoneware and porcelain clay bodies. They feel it's important that each piece fees good in the hand, works well and looks great. Having met each other during their apprenticeship with Rupert Spira they set up their own pottery in 2002.

"It feels like a very exciting time for us in the workshop; about a year ago we got a bigger, better kiln and it's working beautifully for us. We're trying to tip the balance of production slightly away from functional work in favour of one-offs".

The New Craftsman Gallery are delighted to showcase these unique new works. This exclusive collection marks an exciting change of direction away from their well-known functional ware, towards large scale, more decorative pieces.

James and Tilla Waters
Small Bottle VI
9.5 (H) cms

Ref: 25555