Cornelius Jakob Van Dop
Cornelius Jakob Van Dop - Midwinter Wild
2nd December to 5th January 2018


Cornelius Jakob Van Dop - Midwinter Wild Metalworker and Master Craftsman Cornelius Jakob Van Dop was born in the Netherlands but settled in Cornwall in 1973, and has exhibited at New Craftsman Gallery for over 30 years. Employing ancient crafting techniques reminiscent of Japanese, Egyptian and Celtic goldsmiths, his exquisitely detailed and highly decorative copper, silver and gilded jewellery boxes and brooches are inspired by wild creatures, natural forms and childhood memories of landscapes, skies and moonlight.

Cornelius Jakob Van Dop
Starlight Farm
5 x 10.5 x 2 cms

Oxidised bronze, nickel, gold stars and crescent moon, plain bottom, rolled edges (available to commission)

Ref: 25180