Alice Freeman
Bloodlines - Alice & Ralph Freeman
21st October to 25th November 2017


Bloodlines - Alice & Ralph Freeman A collaborative exhibition featuring works on paper, etchings, watercolours and sculpture

Two perceptions of a world: The one in monochrome, the other in colour.
The one an underlying obsession to explore and discover the intricacies and complexities of organic form no matter how seemingly simple, the other to explore and reduce, the broader sense of landscape.
Both investigate the natural world with its aesthetic revelations, which through the process of drawing become more apparent. Both rely on the surprise that can be found when the obvious, or that which we now see but otherwise took for granted, reveals itself in a strange and new way or perspective.

All etchings are available and part of an edition of 25

Alice Freeman
15 x 15 cms
Edition of 1/25
Ref: 25022