Emma Williams
Emma Williams - My St Ives
12th August to 2nd September 2017


Emma Williams - My St Ives 'There is no simpler joy for me than buying a bunch of flowers down on St Ives harbour, and taking them home to pop in a jug and paint.' Emma Williams, 2017

Emma Williams' paintings reflect her background in printed textile design, as well as some of the early 20th century's most significant artistic developments. Simple, geometric compositions, coloured shapes and flattened perspective are key features of her distinctly decorative style, in which bright floral details and rich surface patterns are balanced against the soft blues and greys of a Cornish sea and sky. In this new collection of works, Emma seeks to capture the essence of her own relationship with St Ives, pairing the domestic detail of interior spaces with framed views of the town and harbour, and celebrating her passion for the distinctive ceramics found in the town. Bringing a contemporary edge to the classic genres of still life and landscape, her works evoke a feeling that is pure St Ives.

Emma Williams
Harbour View St Ives
61 x 81 cms

Ref: 24362