Neil Davies
Neil Davies - Call of the Wild
8th July to 5th August 2017


Neil Davies - Call of the Wild Painted over the past winter and into early summer 2017, this new collection of works demonstrates Neil's extraordinary ability to capture the seasonal drama of Cornwall's dynamic landscape. Vivid colour and gestural sweeps of paint describe the sensory experience of walks along the coast, cliffs and moorland of Penwith, from the slanted rain and windswept bracken of winter to the brightly coloured spring hedgerows and brilliant, shifting oceans of summer.

Neil Davies
A Change of Seasons
48 x 65 ins

Up on Truthwall Common the bracken and patches of gorse glow in the late sun, Tregeseal's circle of stones sticking out. In the background looms Carn Kenidjack
Ref: 23226