Matthew Lanyon
Matthew Lanyon - In the Tracks of the Yellow Dog
10th September to 8th October 2016


Matthew Lanyon - In the Tracks of the Yellow Dog Featuring 30 paintings, a majestic one-off tapestry, a collection of nine screen prints and two stunning architectural stained glass works, this new exhibition makes reference to one of Rudyard Kipling's famous 'Just So' stories, told to the artist by his mother long ago. In his exclusive visual language, Matthew explores the enigma of pattern and abstraction in a collection of deeply engaging works which take us through the iconography of pre-history to present day landscapes, living memory and towards the idea of hope.

Matthew Lanyon
Mandate of Heaven
152 x 152 cms
Respected as an artist of singular vision, Matthew Lanyon's passion for the landscape and cultural legacy of his beloved Cornwall have made him one of the county's most important painters. A copy of Homer's 'The Iliad' given to him as a child, the 'wondrous' blackboard diagrams drawn by his school Geology teacher and the 'Just So' stories read to him by his mother, were all influences in a lifetime of creativity.

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