Neil Davies
Neil Davies - Come Rain or Shine
16th July to 29th August 2016


Neil Davies - Come Rain or Shine This collection of paintings represents my response to the ever-changing elemental forces which dominate the Cornish weather, affecting the landscape in so many different ways.

My work revolves around the changing seasons and weather patterns, and as a result I am acutely aware of the subtle changes which nature can have on the surrounding landscape: through my paintings I attempt to edit and interpret this into art.

While out walking the landscape, whether in driving rain, high winds or bright sunlight, I seek to immerse myself in nature. My paintings are an emotional reaction to these encounters with the elements, a visceral response to fleeting glimpses of the effects of nature on the bare bones of the landscape.

The light and the sky change constantly: with the seasons, the time of day - dawn, midday, dusk - or an approaching storm.

The hedgerows and heathland are in a constant state of flux - gorse, heather, bracken, wild flowers all come and go, vegetation turns from lush green to rusts and ochres. In high winds the exposed blackthorn and gorse writhe in twisted shapes, often eventually remaining that way. Then the sun breaks through, the sea is covered in sparkling light, and there is a subtle change in colours and shades. A lump of granite can be a dark, brooding hulk of grey, and suddenly it becomes alive with sparkling quartz.

With all today's distractions - technology, virtual worlds, appoint- ments and deadlines, it is easy to lose contact with the natural world, and I hope that these paintings will act as a reminder, and restore that connection.

Neil Davies, July 2016

Neil Davies
Bitterly Cold, Kenidjack Valley
122 x 122 cms
Freezing January day - braving the cold walking down Kenidjack Valley, following the stream to the sea. Sitting by the mine workings looking out to Cape Cornwall, I catch a movement in the water. Entranced by the sight of a mink, diving and splashing in a pool. Watch it until it moves on: aware it shouldn't be part of our countryside, but still feel privileged to have seen it.
Ref: 21331