Jack Stiling
"Curious Things"
5th December to 5th January 2016


Curious Things

Jack Stiling

Automata artist Jack Stiling is a recent graduate of Falmouth University's Contemporary Crafts degree, and we are delighted to be holding the first ever exhibition of his remarkable work. Inspired by classic literature, hand-me-down stories and campfire fables, Stiling's fantastical objects astonish and entertain, drawing the viewer into a world of marvellous mechanisms, magic and illusion, where curiosity is king and all things are possible.

Richard and Barbara Keal

Creative couple Richard and Barbara Keal live and work alongside each other at their East Sussex studio. Recognising themselves as human members of the family of all living things, they use wood, wool, feathers, grasses and other natural materials to make objects which affirm this timeless relationship, and each of their highly unique, handcrafted works retains the vitality of the living plants and animals from which they come.


A special collection of ceramics, painting and jewellery for the Christmas season will also be available at the gallery throughout the show by various artists including Andrew Waddington, Michael and Tracy Rees, Rachel Larkin, Ilker Cinarel and Claire Loder

Jack Stiling
Banned Boy
34 x 60 x 34 cms
Materials: Mixed metals, reclaimed materials, lime wood, sapele, pine

"Marching to the beat of his own drum
Banned Boy sought opportunity in exclusion
Cobbled streets were his new stage
Escaping a life of minimum wage"

Banned Boy is the first in the Fortune Teller series, which uses the nursery rhyme 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor' as a collection of characters. The idea behind the collection is to look inwards and attempt to personify some characteristics of the creative process. Banned Boy stands as the soldier in the collection marking the first steps to self-sufficiency 'marching to the beat of his own drum'. He is young, brash and somewhat nabut on the path to getting noticed for better or worse. Primarily sculpted from lime wood and pine, with the hands and head made in clay, the figure is accompanied by an eccentric drum machine based upon a design for a self-propelled war drum by Leonardo Da Vinci. This is made using a combination of reclaimed objects and hand-made components, with a mechanism both 'above ground' and below to display moving parts.

Ref: 20922