Jack Stiling
"Curious Things"
5th December to 5th January 2016


Curious Things

Jack Stiling

Automata artist Jack Stiling is a recent graduate of Falmouth University's Contemporary Crafts degree, and we are delighted to be holding the first ever exhibition of his remarkable work. Inspired by classic literature, hand-me-down stories and campfire fables, Stiling's fantastical objects astonish and entertain, drawing the viewer into a world of marvellous mechanisms, magic and illusion, where curiosity is king and all things are possible.

Richard and Barbara Keal

Creative couple Richard and Barbara Keal live and work alongside each other at their East Sussex studio. Recognising themselves as human members of the family of all living things, they use wood, wool, feathers, grasses and other natural materials to make objects which affirm this timeless relationship, and each of their highly unique, handcrafted works retains the vitality of the living plants and animals from which they come.


A special collection of ceramics, painting and jewellery for the Christmas season will also be available at the gallery throughout the show by various artists including Andrew Waddington, Michael and Tracy Rees, Rachel Larkin, Ilker Cinarel and Claire Loder

Jack Stiling
Cannonball Run
114 x 50 x 101 cms
Materials: Beech, walnut, sapele, pine, steel, brass, copper, reclaimed materials

"My son John was tall and slim
He had a leg for every limb
But now he's got no legs at all
For he ran a race with a cannonball"

'My Son John' a sea shanty sang at Falmouth's festival had the perfect few lines to get stuck into, a chance to make the most of a little dark humour involved in the tragic tale. Using a piano stool as a platform, the cannon was built using reclaimed sapele, walnut, and beech. The wheels have been made in the traditional manner with individually turned spokes slotting into the hub and rim, held together with the outer metal band, no glue required. Except for a few cogs and some chain, the mechanism is built from scratch, and is entirely powered by an old hacksaw blade.
Ref: 20921