Neil Davies
Neil Davies - Unexpected
11th July to 29th August 2015


Neil Davies - Unexpected In this new collection of work Penwith based artist Neil Davies explores reactions to the unexpected, painting startling aspects of the landscape which have made him stop and take notice. Each canvas is created in response to a single anomaly - a cloud formation, a flash of sunlight on a distant cottage, the twisted contour of a gorse bush or a brand new, bright yellow boat dazzling on a muted granite slipway. From the ancient and familiar landscape of Penwith, Davies draws out nature's surprises, highlighting its endless capacity to turn the ordinary into the thrilling and remarkable.

Neil Davies
Yellow Boat At Boat Cove
46 x 61 cms
Bright day at Boat Cove, on the way to Portheras. I come across a new boat, shining bright yellow in the sun, inconguous amidst the ancient landscape - old huts, slipway and relics of a bygone golden age of fishing. Reassuring sense of continuing tradition.
Ref: 19801