Tracy Rees
Tracy Rees - Love and Memory
18th October to 22nd November 2014


Tracy Rees - Love and Memory Tracy Rees's distinctive animal 'portraits' of our favourite companion creatures in everyday settings are brimming with personality and wry humour. Painting imagined snapshots of the domestic dogs, cats and birds with whom we share our lives and homes, Rees employs the empty backgrounds and spare compositions of classic ancestral portraiture, a technique which lends her paintings a comical grandeur.
A harmonious palette of rainbow colours combined with a richly patterned environment of woven rugs, embroidered fabrics, chinoiserie and floral wallpaper adds to the dream-like optimism of these works.
Each of Rees's characters is an appealing, mischievous or disarming individual with whom we are at once familiar and engaged: an elegant greyhound lies poised on a similarly elegant sofa; a silken cat stretches idly across a bedspread with an air of unquestioned entitlement; a wirey terrier sits trembling in the passionate hope of human affection.
Her quirky and light hearted acrylic on board paintings are also deeply touching and sincere, and speak warmly of the unique and ancient relationship between man and animal, while the artist's fluid creature characterizations mirror the truth of our hopeful, emotional selves.

Tracy Rees
Cat's Choir
11 x 15 cms

Ref: 18411