Breon O'Casey
Breon O'Casey - An Exhibition of Jewellery and Scultpure
13th September to 11th October 2014


Breon O'Casey - An Exhibition of Jewellery and Scultpure PLEASE RE-VISIT THE WEBSITE ON THE 13/09/2014 TO SEE MORE DETAILS OF THE WORK IN THE EXHIBITION

Breon O'Casey was a leading figure of 20th century art in Cornwall. Hugely influenced by his contemporaries Denis Mitchell, Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson and Bernard Leach, O'Casey's work draws on the simple, rhythmic forms of nature, applied across a multi-disciplined body of work which constantly walked the line between figurative and abstract, never quite committing to one or the other. His talent as a jeweller, painter, weaver, printmaker, engraver and sculptor have marked him out as one of the world's most original and prolific artist. His distinctive motifs have become synonymous with the art of St Ives.
Works in this exhibition are from the O'Casey estate, many of which have been held in the USA and never seen before in the UK.

Breon O'Casey
Necklace - Black/Navy Stones with Three Silver Triangles
50 (W) cms

Ref: 18137